Emerging Futures 2018 was packed with ideas, opportunities, and leadership learning, and it doesn’t need to stop after 14 September. It’s important that we don’t simply leave the event feeling, “yes, I had a good day”.

This is a chance to extend the opportunity for new connections and conversations, and to harness the tools, tips and messages about making those big ideas happen.

There is much talk about AI and digital futures, and those are definitely part of the lives we are living now, never mind in the future.  But, we also need human connectivity. We need opportunities like #emergingfutures2018 to engage, to enquire and to inform ourselves and others about the things that matter to us. We need to harness what we know, how we know and how we connect.  For that is a requirement of the future and we are responsible for creating our own futures.

Another requirement we have is to share and to learn – not as an exchange, but as an interaction, an inter-action.  At Clore Leadership, we firmly believe that true innovation happens when diverse perspectives, disciplines and skills connect.  So it is important to take the time to notice what is going on, to listen well, and to speak up – to make really good use of the experience and expertise around us, and match that experience with inquiry and with curiosity, from wherever they come.

Our work roles do not have the longevity of times past; and there are few of us seeking single sector roles that span decades of our lives.  It’s time of the “/”: the artist / entrepreneur / manager.  We mix it all up and that is the new normal. We need to be purposeful in taking charge of our futures, to learn from the actions and examples of others.

We need ideas.  We need creativity.  We need innovation, and we need action.

Maria asked us to do things we have not done before; try out the new version of ourselves. Nikesh asked us to always wonder out loud who is not in the room, and what can we do about that? Sarah asked us to learn ways of saying ‘no’, because in saying ‘no’ to somebody else’s request, we are saying ‘yes’ to one of our own priorities; that is just so empowering. Clare reminded us that responsibility for those in leadership positions lies inside, so we should not always be expecting others to fight or to knock.  We should take those roles of responsibility – open the doors and make things accessible and do some of the fighting and protect those who are not on the inside.

And, if you are still struggling with that word, ‘leadership’, just embrace it.

Because in embracing ‘leadership’ you are embracing your strengths and your potential, you are embracing your possibility to make your future happen.

My last message is to grab learning, grab it in any form – grab it online, grab it in the seminar room, on one of the Clore Leadership Programme courses, make it emerge in the best way possible for you.

I encourage you to make use of events like #emergingfutures2018 to be better informed, to be more knowledgeable because more knowledge leads to better decisions and better decisions lead to better outcomes and those outcomes are all our futures.