Manchester, UK
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Feimatta Conteh

Feimatta Conteh joined FutureEverything in August 2016. FutureEverything are cultural facilitators at
the intersection of arts, design, and academia; the organisation has a mission to bring positive
societal change, empowering citizens by increasing access to and participation in digital arts and

Feimatta’s role is to manage and develop the programme of design-led innovation projects, which
often includes commissioning artists to explore issues and challenges that are part of the digital
debate. Her work involves partnership building and strategy development, with a focus on ensuring
that projects are delivered to the highest possible standard.

Prior to this, Feimatta was the Technology Programme Manager at Arcola Energy and Theatre;
Arcola leads the field in embedding sustainability, particularly renewable energy technology, in arts
organisations. Feimatta worked in the field of sustainability for a number of years and is passionate
about new ways of looking at, and understanding, the world.

Outside of work, Feimatta is deeply involved with an educational outdoors children’s charity, which
she now chairs. She enjoys building communities and helping young people interact with nature.

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