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Viktoria Modesta

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Photo credit: Nhu Xuan Hua

Viktoria Modesta

Latvian-born Viktoria Modesta (VM) is a bionic artist exploring modern identity through performance, fashion, avant-garde visuals, technology and science. Never constrained by her physicality, in 2012 VM starred in a key performance at the Paralympic closing ceremony, directed by Kim Gavin. It was broadcast LIVE to over a billion viewers worldwide.

In 2014, VM collaborated with CHANNEL4 to fill the gap between pop aesthetic, art and disability representation within the media. They created a music video/film campaign that would take the world by storm generating over 100 million views worldwide. ‘Prototype’, part of the #bornrisky season and directed by Saam Farahmand, became a milestone in the cultural perception of a new disability identity.

Viktoria’s futuristic approach on ‘the body as art’ concept, led to her being selected as a Director’s Fellow at MIT Media Lab – collaborating with academics, artists and architects working with technology, science and with multiple cultural institutions worldwide.

In 2016 VM was featured in the ‘Frontiers’ issue of WIRED Magazine that was guest-edited by then President Obama. Her work of creatively redefining disability and the future female image was recognised amongst some of the biggest social breakthroughs. Later that year VM debuted a multidisciplinary collaboration of tech fashion, prosthetics, architectural design and music performance, called ‘Sonifica’ at Art Basel.

VM is currently working on a prosthetics/fashion business that aims to benefit lives of more female amputees.  She frequently does public talks and advises global brands on the future of disability lifestyle, future culture, socially impactful investment and technology in art, as well as pursuing her work as an activist and promoter of innovation.

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