Life Coach Sarah Cartwright and arts management specialist Tom Wilcox each gave 15 minute Leadership Hack talks at Emerging Futures 2018.

Tom gave his perspective on what it takes to be a great leader within a cultural organisation including consistency in approach and tone, and how having the trust and belief of your team is paramount in the successful delivery of your artistic vision. He also riffed on Frank Zappa, who 

Sarah Cartwright talked about the things holding us back and how we can push past those personal blocks by actions such as facing the conversations we have been avoiding. In our live poll, over 60% of respondents admitted avoiding speaking to someone once or more in the last month, because they were scared of the conversation. 

“We assume that the other person isn’t resilient enough to hear the truth  – we think we will damage them with our honesty”

She teaches that saying “No” is not outright rejection, but you are giving yourself space to say “Yes” to another thing that you value. Sarah’s hacks taught the skills for self-preservation – a leadership skill that is becoming increasingly needed.